Germany Job Seeker Visa

Overview :

Germany job seeker visa is for foreign national who intend to work in Germany. The visa allows them for a continuous stay and job search in Germany for 6 months. Germany job seeker visa (long or short term) is a temporary residence permit. Germany is one of the most developed countries and is a hub for industries and companies from diversified sectors. It is home to automobile, engineering, software, pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, energy firms and many more.

Features of Job Seeker Visa

Temporary residence permit or job search permit of 6 months
If you get a job in 6 months, you can apply for German work visa
If you are unable to find a job, need to return to your country of origin

Top reasons why you should apply for and desire to work in Germany are:

  • Enormous career opportunities in diversified sector
  • Flexible working hours
  • English is the medium of communication in office as well as in society
  • Ongoing skill shortage due to aging German population
  • Public transportation is affordable and the best
  • High wages and salaries
  • Secure environment.


  • Minimum 15 years of STEM education (Science, Engineering, Technical or Mathematics)
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience relevant to education

Process Flow

  • Sign up with Small Giant.
  • You will guided through required documents & process
  • Case officer will assist you in filling visa application forms
  • Visa interview date will be booked by us (if required)
  • Required documents and funds need to be submitted at visa office
  • Guidance on traveling and job search in Germany

Visa Fee & Processing Time

  • Visa Fee is 4200 INR
  • An additional amount of INR 45000 will be charged for verification of your Indian origin documents
  • Visa processing time may be 3 months or more.Disclaimer: Visa fee is subjected to change without prior notice. Please confirm before submitting your application

Germany Embassy has a mandatory visa interview for every Germany job seeker visa applicant!!!!