5 Things To Know Before Applying For UK Study Visa

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5 Things To Know Before Applying For UK Study Visa

UK Visa Consultants In Ahmedabad

While planning to study abroad one needs to prepare themselves for a lot of new challenges. Right from adjusting to a different culture and coping with the level of education everything is new.

Before making such a drastic change, we all need a bit of information about the country to gear up ourselves. It’s important to know about the places, fees and surrounding for preparing oneself to live there. For such informative reasons there exists experts of study visa consultant for UK.

Let’s start from educating the lads who are aspiring to apply for a UK Study visa. These 5 things about the UK will help any international migrant to adjust better in the country.

  • British life/culture

Culture is one basic thing one might want to know about any country. There are different rules and regulations everywhere and especially in the UK, the lifestyle is a bit more sophisticated. Apart from that, the place has a very welcoming and warm nature which shelters many national and international universities.

The climate stays cold and chilly, so you might need to grab lots of woollen clothes with you. The summer is quite decent and does not burn you out, so heat in the UK is not a problem.

  • Prepare for your health insurance

It’s important to prepare for uncertainties, having a health insurance will let you stay in peace. There different set of rules for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. The EU citizens are only mandated to have a health insurance card to get a free or reduced fee medical assistance. While the Non-EU may cover their insurance charge in the visa fees.

  • Understand transportation services

Local travel will be your major concern but do not worry! All the cities in the UK are facilitated with public transports. Assess the distance you will need to travel daily, check for the routes and different buses. Be sure if you are the right candidate to opt for a student bus pass. If you are going to stay in London only, the Oyster pass is all you would need to travel throughout the city.

  • Looking for accommodation

A roof above the head is the most basic thing you need to be sure about before shifting to any country. There are some universities which provide the students with on or off campus accommodation. If not check, then the next step would be to look for a landlord and rent a flat. University halls is the best option when you have just started your studies and so there are halls with both self-catered and catered kitchen.

  • Check for eligible working hours

Staying away from home and that too in the UK can be tight on your budget. So, working while you study can fetch you some extra money for your living. Generally, Non-EU students have the liberty to work 20 hours a week and full time while holidays. There is no restriction imposed on EU students and can work as many hours as they wish.

Ending Note

After understanding the requirements of some international students already studying there, these 5 pieces of information were prepared to let the students feel a little more confident before they decide to apply for a visa and migrate eventually. There are student visa consultants in ahmedabad to prepare the students with all the information before they apply for further studies.